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Classes & Workshops

I regularly teach classes through Seattle's Hugo House, and I offer ongoing workshops for writers interested in nurturing their work in a supportive, intimate setting. 

Interested in a Workshop?
Come develop new writing & get feedback on projects!
Enroll via email

How it works:

  • Workshop-based writing groups run for 8 weeks at at a time. 

  • Join a group at the beginning of any 8-week session. 

  • Renew as often as you like!

What you can expect

  • Guided writing exercises to enliven your writing

  • Weekly discussions of writing process in an intimate group

  • Workshopping (i.e. interactive feedback on your work)


What to bring: Pen, paper, & creativity!

Current Schedule: Our Winter 2022 session begins on 1/12.

Location: Zoom

Cost: $400 

How to Enroll: Send me an email with your interest & questions!

Interested in a Class?
Check current listings at the Hugo House


Current offerings for Winter 2022:

Registration now open!

Other Recent Sample Classes:

  • Telling Life Stories 

  • Making a Scene

  • To MFA, or Not to MFA?

  • Stories on the Move ​

  • Exploring Writing

  • Finding Your Voice 

Curious about my upcoming offerings?

Ask me over email!

I also offer specialized classes
for your book group or other organization.​
  • Workshop-style classes to help you and your group engage with writing, self-exploration, and/or literary analysis.

  • Minimum 90-minute workshop.

  • Topics include "Finding Your Voice," "Writing Women's Lives," & "Bringing Characters to Life."

  • Contact me for schedules and pricing.

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