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“I was grateful to Susan Meyers for taking on my project and even more grateful when I reviewed her work on my novel draft. In addition to advising me on conventions in publishing, Susan captured and corrected errors in grammar and offered wonderfully helpful advice on contextual issues in the narrative. Perhaps of greatest importance were the abundant evidence that she ‘got’ the story I was trying to tell and her enhancing of my ability to tell it.”

—Roger Roffman, author of Marijuana Nation: From Vietnam to Legalization


PROCESS                                                                           PRICING

For Novel & Memoir Manuscripts

  • YOU send me a sample, along with a brief discussion of your goals.

  • WE meet in person to discuss goals, approach, and timing.

  • For projects still in development, I WILL provide coaching upon request.

  • For complete manuscripts, I WILL conduct a developmental edit to aid revisions.

  • For revised manuscript, I WILL complete copy editing.

  • For traditional publication, I WILL assist you with book proposals and queries

  • For alternate publication, I WILL assist you with research and planning.

My rate is $125/hour.

Minimum Engagement: 5 Hours

Pacing varies by project. Estimates are provided.

Ask about discounts for larger/ongoing projects.

Contact me to arrange for a free 20-minute consult to discuss your project.

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