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What does it mean to write with purpose?

The ancient Greeks used the term kairos to describe the best way to write about a certain thing, based on a writer's needs and goals. It's an old concept, but a useful one.


Similarly, my approach is impact-oriented:

  • Goals assessment

  • Audience evaluation

  • Planning and process

  • Proofing and "going public"


This work is both comprehensive and flexible. As an editor and writing coach, I am available to work with you from project conceptualization all the way through line editing and publication.


I offer services in the following areas: 

Whether you need to sharpen your skills or your professional platform, I offer a variety of packages to improve your professional output.

Are you writing a novel or memoir? Whether you're trying to figure out how to start or how to get published, I can help.

Having coached academic writers in disciplines as disparate as business and economics to sociology and biochemistry, I am well-versed in the needs of graduate theses and dissertations.

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